The first step in killing gnats is to prevent them from breeding. This can be accomplished by quarantining plants for three to four weeks. During this time, you can spot weak fliers and apply temporary control measures. For more permanent controls, you can use vinegar traps or dish soap.

Dish soap

Dish soap is a natural pesticide that kills gnats. Place a bottle near the drains of your kitchen and bathroom. You can also place a bottle near your garbage can or plant pots. This mixture is effective for killing both adults and larvae of fungus gnats. Dish soap has a fruity scent that gnats are attracted to.

You can also use apple cider vinegar to kill gnats. To make a solution, mix two cups of vinegar with one liter of water. Set this mixture near a tree or plant. When gnats start to congregate in these areas, the smell of vinegar will attract them to the area. Once they start to congregate, they will drown in the solution and die.

Dish soap contains a chemical called clothianidin. This compound is effective against gnats and other harmful insects in your home. This chemical kills gnats by destroying them on contact. Dish soap can also be used to kill other types of flies.

A solution of half cup of warm water and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and six drops of liquid dish soap can also kill gnats. You can spread the solution around your home. You can also use a fruit trap, made out of plastic wrap and dish soap. Once the gnats start to swarm, they will be trapped by the sticky substance and will die.

Vinegar traps

If you want to get rid of gnats in a natural way, try using a vinegar trap. This type of trap works best with vinegar that has been mixed with dish soap or some kind of vinegary liquid. This is placed in areas where gnats are a problem, and you can wait for them to get stuck.

Vinegar traps can be homemade or purchased. You can also use apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has a strong smell that gnats are attracted to. Place it near an area with fruit flies and gnats. Alternatively, you can place a piece of overripe fruit in a plastic container and poke holes in it. When the gnats enter the trap, they cannot fly out.

Using a plastic trap is also a viable option. The plastic traps do not need to be large, but they should be large enough to draw in fruit flies. To cut the holes in the plastic, use a sharp knife or a pin. Just make sure that the holes are not too big. After a few days, vinegar will lose its attraction to gnats. When this happens, you can replace the vinegar with fresher liquid.

Another effective trap is made from red wine. You can combine this with some dish soap. Put it out around the house in various places. If the problem is severe, use several traps.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent way to kill gnats in the garden. Its active ingredient hydrogen peroxide kills gnat larvae on contact and can also kill any bacterial or fungal growth that may be present. This natural insecticide is not harmful to plants, so it can be safely applied to gardens. One way to apply this product is to make a mixture of one part hydrogen peroxide to four parts water, and then water it onto the affected plants. Repeat the process as necessary until the infestation is gone.

Hydrogen peroxide is also an effective fungicide. It kills fungus and gnat larvae that feed on plants. It is an inexpensive, organic way to protect your plants. The fungus gnat larvae feed on the roots of your plants, so you need to protect them.

Fungus gnats can be very difficult to kill, but hydrogen peroxide is an excellent way to eliminate an infestation. Applying a hydrogen peroxide mixture on the infestation will eliminate the larvae in a matter of minutes. To prevent future infestations, keep potted plants away from manure and compost.

Hydrogen peroxide kills gnatting larvae and their eggs. To get rid of fungus gnat larvae, apply a solution of hydrogen peroxide to the soil around your plants. The solution will foam up and kill the larvae and eggs. Repeat the treatment as needed until the infestation is no longer present.


If you’re having trouble getting rid of gnats, household vinegar can be the answer. This common ingredient can kill a variety of pests, including fungus gnats. These insects feed on plant matter and can damage your plants’ roots. They usually attract to areas with damp soil or unrefrigerated fruit and vegetables.

Vinegar is a natural insecticide that can be used to kill gnats and flies. You can even trap them in plastic wrap. Using a piece of plastic wrap and some apple cider vinegar will do the trick. Just place a small container of vinegar nearby where you see fruit flies. Then, use a toothpick to poke holes in the plastic wrap, making sure that the holes are large enough for the gnats to enter but small enough to avoid them escaping.

Another way to kill gnats is to use old wine. This method is similar to using apple cider vinegar but uses an old bottle. Add a bit of liquid dish soap to it. Set it outside and gnats will be drawn to the vinegar. This trap is effective for killing a large amount of gnats at once.

Another effective remedy for gnats is to trap them in an apple cider vinegar trap. This trap is made by filling a glass or bowl with the liquid. The gnats will then flock to the liquid and drown. You can also use rotting fruit or food as a gnat trap.

Rotten fruit

Fruit flies are attracted to rotten fruit. If you’re having a hard time catching them, place some rotten fruit in a container and place it near the area where fruit flies are a problem. You can also trap gnats in a candle trap. Place the container close to where the fruit is being eaten, and the gnats will fall into the plastic.

Fruit flies have very short life cycles. One female lays her eggs within 24 hours, which hatch into maggots that tunnel under the skin of the fruit. These maggots then pupate into full-fledged fruit flies in eleven to twelve days. The larvae will start breeding soon after.

Another effective method for killing gnats is to place overripe fruit in a container. You can use a plastic wrap and secure it with a rubber band. Or, you can use a toothpick to make a few holes in the plastic wrap. The plastic wrap will attract the gnats and fruit flies, and they won’t be able to fly out of the container.

You can also use expired wine to kill gnats. This is similar to apple cider vinegar, but instead of using vinegar, you should use expired wine. To make it more effective, you can mix the vinegar with a small amount of dish soap. Place this solution in areas where gnats are frequent.

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