Creating a tiktok highlight cover for Instagram Stories can be an effective way to capture attention. Whether you’re trying to attract attention to a new product or simply want to tell a great story, using the right template can help you stand out from the crowd. These Instagram Story templates can help you design a beautiful, click-worthy Instagram Story cover.

Build a click-worthy Instagram Story cover

A click-worthy Instagram Story cover is an important part of your brand’s overall marketing strategy. It can be the first thing your followers see when they view your account, so make sure your cover is beautiful and attention-grabbing. There are several tools and resources you can use to create a high-quality cover.

One of the best ways to make your Instagram account click-worthy is to use Instagram Highlight Covers. As the first visual branding asset on your profile, Highlight Covers can catch your audience’s attention and convince them to scroll through your entire profile. These story highlights can be particularly effective for marketers who want to highlight evergreen content.

Another way to build a click-worthy Instagram Story cover is to use a photo that relates to your niche. For example, if your account focuses on health and fitness, you could use a picture of food that is related to your industry. For photographers, you can also use a sample of your work. Using these three elements will make your story look more professional and attention-grabbing.

Next, you should add a title. The title should contain keywords and provide context about the Highlight. It should be under ten characters long. This will help your followers remember your profile and revisit it. This will ultimately increase your engagement and your followers’ association with your brand. You can also use the topic category to draw people’s attention to a particular product, item, or question.

Highlight covers are the first visual branding assets that your audience will see on your profile. They draw attention to your brand and invite them to explore your other content. This will help you increase engagement and boost your click-through rate. You should also consider how the cover looks and how it is organized. Using the right graphic design and naming conventions can go a long way in building a click-worthy Instagram Story cover.

The first step in building a click-worthy Instagram Story cover is to create a unique cover image. This can be done with a graphics program. The cover you create should be 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high. It can include a photo, words, or an icon. Once you have your cover created, you can upload it to the Instagram Stories highlights.

Color gradients are a great way to add a bit of pizzazz to your Instagram Story cover. Not only will a gradient add interest to your content, but it can also set a mood for your followers. Use colors and icons that flow into your brand. This will help your highlight icon stand out against other photos and videos.

Create a tiktok highlight cover

If you want to create a highlight cover for your Instagram account, you should follow a few tips. First, you should use a consistent color scheme. Then, you should make sure that the cover is relevant to the content. For instance, if you’re going to post pictures of beautiful landscapes, you might want to use a neutral color scheme. And remember to use your brand colors and fonts in your highlight cover, too.

The next step is to use a free highlight cover app. These apps are available for iOS and Android devices, and are easy to use. The app lets you add text, shapes, and images to your cover. You can choose from over 10 thousand templates, as well as add your own. Just make sure to set the size to 1920 x 1080. Once you’re satisfied with your highlight cover, you can use it to post to Instagram and other social media.

Once you’ve created a highlight, you can add an icon for the cover. This can be a sticker, a geometric shape, a frame, or any text. You can also use a photo or an image from your phone for your cover. Then, add a caption.

There are also some graphic design tools online, like Canva. It’s a popular tool that features drag-and-drop design and provides templates for various digital assets. You can use Canva for free or upgrade to the pro version to customize the templates. If you’d prefer to design your own image, PicMonkey can be a good alternative.

The cover you create for your highlight should fit your brand’s style. For instance, if you’re a brand that focuses on body diversity, a funny icon may be a good choice. For a more minimalist look, you may want to stick to a simple, solid color background. A white border is a great idea, too. That will help you communicate your brand to new followers.

Instagram highlights have specific rules and layout requirements. You should follow them so that the highlights cover will look clean and polished. The size and aspect ratio of your cover should be proportionate to the photos you want to highlight on Instagram. Moreover, you should make sure that the design elements are in the center of the circle. This will help you create a highlight cover with clear pictures. You can also use a simple tool to edit photos on Instagram.

You can also upload your own images and use different colors to create a highlight cover. Using these tools, you can create a highlight cover that is unique to your business. The icons you create should reflect your brand image. If you don’t want to use any icons or fonts, you can also use a text-based highlight.

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