Before you begin playing Fallout Shelter, you should familiarize yourself with its world and its weapons. You’ll need to know how to give the best weapons to the Dwellers who’ll be exploring the world or working on the top floor. This way, you’ll be able to keep up with your enemies.


Stimpacks are syringes containing stimulants that boost the body’s natural regenerative functions. They can be created in the game by a chemist with sufficient knowledge. They are not addictive and have no downside. Stimpaks are used to give an extra boost to Dwellers who are near death or injured.

Stimpaks are a very important resource in Fallout Shelter. They can help vault dwellers heal up to 50% of their health. Stimpaks can be found in Appalachia and can also be purchased from medical supply vending machines. They can help vault dwellers with their radiation damage.

You can create more Stimpaks by upgrading Medbays. This will boost the rate at which they are produced. It will not increase the capacity of your storage room, but it will increase the number of Stimpaks you can store. A proper medical supply will keep your dwellers alive and well.

Mr Handy

There are many different ways to use Mr. Handy to help you out in your Fallout Shelter. He will collect resources, put out fires, and fight attackers. However, he is not immune to damage, and he will die if you leave him alone for long periods of time. If you want to keep him alive, you can repair him by spending 2000 caps. Alternatively, you can send him to the wasteland to gather caps. The upside of this is that he will return to the Vault when he is full.

The living room is a good place to hide if you have young children, pets, or pregnant dwellers. You can also use a radio studio to increase Happiness in the Vault by placing high Charisma dwellers there. The opposite sex will also help you with happiness.

If you want to get the best weapons, you can choose dwellers with high stats. This way, you will get a higher production rate. Another way to collect is to send one Mr Handy per room, especially if there is only one room in a level. This way, he can collect the materials quickly and easily.

Mister Handy is an assistant robot that roams around your vault, collecting resources, and defending the vault. You can give him a job to explore each floor, but be careful, as he has a limit of 5000 caps. He will return to the vault when he collects the cap.

A fallout shelter is a place where you must collect more resources than you spend. This is why Fallout Shelter tips and tricks for this game can be helpful. Using these tips can increase your chances of getting more currency in the game. By applying them to your Fallout Shelter game, you can make it easier to earn currency and unlock the more difficult stories.

Building a vault

Building a vault is one of the many things you can do in Fallout Shelter, and there are several different ways you can go about it. The first step is to plan out the layout of the vault. The main area of the vault has a grid of twenty-four squares, each of which can be used to build a different room. The layout of a vault is also affected by how deep the level is, so it is important to keep this in mind when building.

Once you have made a Vault, you can assign dwellers to it. When a Vault has dwellers, you can assign them to different rooms. If you want to assign a certain room to a specific dweller, you can click on their icon. In the Vault, you can also see how much the dwellers have SPECIALs. The higher the SPECIAL, the higher the dweller will have. You can also add outfits to a dweller to boost its skills.

Creating a well-run Vault is essential for surviving in the game, so try to create a variety of Dwellers with diverse skills. You can also use matchmakers and radio rooms to attract new Dwellers. These Dwellers can then explore the blasted surface, looking for adventure and survival loot. They will also earn you experience and cap levels. However, you should not neglect protecting the Vault from threats or other dwellers.

The most important resources in the vault are power, food, and water. As you progress, you should be able to produce more power and food than you need. If you can, try merging three primary resource rooms into one to maximize the amount of output.

Building a shelter

Before building a Fallout shelter, it’s important to make a plan. Using a computer program, like SketchUp, you can create a design for the shelter you’d like to build. Once you have a rough idea of how large you want the shelter to be, it’s time to clear some land. You should start by clearing 10 feet or 3 meters around the shelter perimeter. Add 3 feet to each length for every additional person you’d like to shelter. This will give you an idea of the size of a basic shelter for four people.

After building your shelter, you’ll want to stock it with food, water, and supplies that will last for at least two weeks. It’s a good idea to have a few extra items in case you get stranded and cannot leave. To make a more comfortable sleeping environment, you can pack pillows, blankets, and other materials to make a makeshift bed. Be sure to stock your shelter with supplies and a good first-aid kit. You’ll also want to stock up on food that doesn’t require cooking.

There are two main types of fallout shelter. One type is a concrete room, which is also known as an air-raid shelter. This type of shelter is a common structure in many buildings. The walls and ceiling of such a shelter are made of concrete and are reinforced, allowing the fallout to be absorbed into the structure and be inert.

Although most bomb shelters are not designed for long-term stays, it’s still essential to stock your shelter with a first-aid kit and water. During a nuclear attack, radiation can affect the entire body, so you need to isolate yourself from the outside world to protect your vital organs and save yourself from damage. It’s also important to stock the shelter with food, blankets, and sleeping bags.

Purchasing premium items

In Fallout Shelter, purchasing premium items will help you advance in the game. There are several ways to purchase premium items. One way is to purchase real cash, and you can use that money to purchase in-game items. Premium items will help you advance in the game faster. It is also a lot more difficult to progress without premium items.

Another way to purchase premium items in Fallout Shelter is to purchase Nuka-Cola Quantum, a currency that can be used to skip extra objectives and speed up certain aspects of the game. This currency can be purchased in the game’s shop or collected during the game. Purchasing premium items will help you progress faster in the game and unlock new areas faster.

Premium items in Fallout Shelter can be very expensive. You can use them to make better weapons and outfits. Vault-tech technology can also be used to save lives in the event of disaster. To make the most of your resources, you should try to make the most of them. However, you need to keep a strict budget. Purchasing premium items in Fallout Shelter should not be an overspending habit.

In Fallout Shelter, there are four types of dwellers. There are healer-role dwellers, attackers, tank-role dwellers, and buffer-role dwellers. Choose the best one for your team, and use the clipboard icon on the bottom left corner to swap dwellers. You can also change the order of the dwellers in a room by their stats. For instance, you should place dwellers with the best strength and athletic stats in the Power Plant and Athletic Studio.

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